At the border of water and land, the history of mankind is written. 98% of all towns and villages are connected with water. In short: water is at the very basis of our existence.
The Earth is the carrier of all this and nature is our “home”. We humans are part of this earth, this nature and as such we are “nature”. Therefore, knowledge and care for nature is essential for humans in their struggle for existence. Food, trade, transport, energy, medicines: they all are subject to the laws of nature or arise from nature. This also includes systems developed by man, like our economic system. Everything is subject to the laws of nature.
Therefore, the roots of aesthetics are also derived from nature. A positive feeling is based on the experience of nature. Beaches, dunes, forests, rivers, and mountains are visited by man to get balanced and happy.
Without the knowledge, attention and care for nature, we are at the mercy of the forces of nature. Something that humans will not always survive.
Building with nature therefore is vital. Ballieux Organic Architects give new shape and content to this awareness.

Marius Ballieux

Ballieux Organic Architects