Marius Ballieux was born in Rotterdam but grew up in the tropics of New Guinea, Curaçao & Aruba. After graduation at the TU Delft (architecture/urban planning), he stood at the very foundation of the automation of the Dutch construction industry. In this period Marius Ballieux was co-innovator in the CAD developments, visualisations & computer animations. He also worked on several projects in urban development, housing & utility construction. In 1995 he was asked by Ton Alberts to join the architect office to help shaping the organic architecture. Since 2001 he was director and co-owner.

Since 2010 Marius Ballieux is giving a new impulse to the organic architecture with the architect office: Ballieux Organic Architects.

To extend the development of Building with Nature ©, the engineering group IBkwadraat has been established in 2013 as a part of Ballieux Organic Architects.


Marius Ballieux

Marius Ballieux

Ballieux Organic Architects